Know How Gautam Adani Became So Rich | Biography of Gautam Adani

Know How Gautam Adani Became So Rich | Biography of Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani whose net worth in 2020 was 9 billion dollars, today how did he reach 130 billion in just 20-22 months and in this net worth he left behind India’s richest man Mukesh Abani, but just some time ago he was Bill Gates and Warren Buffett has gone ahead of billions, so is our PM Modi’s hand in this success of Adani? What is the main reason for Adani’s net worth to increase? Answers to all these questions will be told in today’s blog.

Friends, we keep comparing Gautam Adani with Mukesh Ambani, but I should not compare Gautam Adani with Mukesh Abani but with Dhirubhai Ambani, because whatever Gautam Adani has today, he did not get it from his father or ancestors. yes they achieved it on their own

Birth of Gautam Adani

He was born on 24 June 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His father Shantilal Adani had a small business of clothes in Gujarat itself, but Gautam Adani was not interested in his father’s business because he was in his life right from the beginning. wanted to do something different and bigger

Education of Gautam Adani

He did his schooling from Sheth CN Vidyalaya School, Ahmedabad. In Gujarat University, he took admission for bachelor’s degree in commerce and for his business he even left his B.Com studies midway and went to Mumbai in 1978 to work in diamond shooting.

Wife/Children of Gautam Adani

He is married to wife Preeti Adani, who is a dentist and heads the Adani Foundation. They have two sons named Karan Adani and Jeet Adani.

Gautam Adani’s family

Father’s name)Shantilal Adani
Mother’s name)Shanta Adani
Brother’s nameVinod Adani
Sisters)name not known
WifePreeti Adani
Son’s nameKaran Adani and Jeet Adani

Story of Gautam Adani’s business (Story of Gautam Adani’s business)

Gautam Adani was always attracted to business but did not take over his father’s textile business. Watch how he continued to grow his business and became one of the richest men. Let’s know about his business.

Getting Started With a Diamond Brokerage Firm

When he was a teenager, he moved to Mumbai in 1978 and started working as a diamond sorter for Mahendra Brothers. He worked there for about 2-3 years and later he established his own diamond brokerage firm in Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai.

2.Story of Gautam Adani’s business

After this, in 1981, his elder brother Mansukh Bhai Adani called him back to Ahmedabad because he had started a new business of plastic and for this business he wanted the help of his younger brother Gautam, in fact, in this business only 20 tons a month Used to read the need of PVC which was not available in India, that’s why Gautam Adani and his brother decided that they would import PVC from other countries outside and while importing PVC, Gautam Adani got information about import business for the first time. Got it and from this he understood how the import export business is done.

And friends, taking advantage of this experience, he started Adani Exports Limited Company in the year 1988 and since starting this company, Gautam Adani never looked back and this company became the flagship company of Adani Group. Now if we talk about today, there are many different companies included in the Adani Group, which deal in different products and services, let us tell you about some of the most important companies of the Adani Group, due to which today Gautam Adani is only Not only India but the whole of Asia has become the richest person.

Gautam Adani Companies

First of all, we talk about ADANI ENTERPRISES LIMITED, which is the first and largest company of this group, this company mainly works like COAL TRADING COAL MINING and AIRPORT OPERATIONS, since then the second largest company of Adani Group, ADANI PORTS AND SEZ, which is also called APSEZ in short, now as you must have understood from its name that this company works for port operating and it is India’s largest private port operator company, apart from this Adani power company POWER GANRETION. Adani Tolal Gas works in big cities, Gas works in Adani Green ENRGY, Solar and Wind Energy JNRETION works all over the world and ADANI WILMAR company works to make oil.

How big is Gautam Adani’s net worth?

In fact, friends, the reason for this happening is that in the last 20-22 months, the price of shares of Adani Group companies has increased very fast. which has increased to around Rs 2520 at this time, I am sure that in these two years, the price of this company’s shares has gone up by 3000% and this is a shocking number and friends, just like this, Adani Group in two years The price of shares of each and every company is increasing rapidly and that is the main reason that we have seen Gautam Adani’s net worth increasing so much at once, but his net worth is dependent on the company’s stock price only. If the share price of the company falls back down, then along with this, the net worth of Gautam Adani will also go on decreasing.


What did Gautam Adani do earlier?

In 1978, I went to Mumbai and used to do diamond shooting work.

When was Adani born?

Was born on 24 JUNE 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Who is the chairman of Adani Group?

Gautam Adani is the chairman of Adani Group.

How many children does Gautam Adani have?

They have two sons named Karan Adani and Jeet Adani.


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