Chanakya Niti 5 Powerful Business Lessons (5 Powerful Policies Will Get Success In Every Work) 2023

Chanakya Niti 5 Powerful Business Lessons (5 Powerful Policies Will Get Success In Every Work) 2023

Chanakya Niti Introduction

Friends, you must have heard the name of Acharya Chanakya, who is counted among the most intelligent, clever people in history, in fact, the policies made by him were so powerful that even the biggest driver did not know how to manage today’s modern business. Many of the principles told by Chanakya match with his policies for thousands of years and today in this blog of ours, I am going to tell about some such lessons told in some Chanakya policy, how many people in the world today and How many companies have achieved success, so let’s start this blog.

Use Sweet Language

Acharya Chanakya says that the person who uses dirty language gets ruined very quickly and to understand this better we take the help of a quote. Used to do that one of the shopkeeper’s jaggery was of very high quality while the quality of the second shopkeeper’s jaggery was not very good, but despite being low in quality, the sale of that second shopkeeper’s jaggery was more than that of the first shopkeeper. It used to be that now the second shopkeeper used to bid for houses when the first shopkeeper used to kill flies all day long and the reason for this was that the first shopkeeper’s tongue was very dirty and bitter, due to which the customers used to visit his shop. did not like to go

Maintain Your Goodwill

Acharya Chanakya says that to deal with the time of trouble, a person should have a sour money, there is no problem in this, but one thing which is more important than money for a person is his wife, because the wife is respected by the person. And respect in life is more important than money, in the same way in business too, the respect of a business person is very important because no matter how much loss is done in business, it can be recovered with time. But once a businessman’s name gets spoiled then it becomes almost impossible to make it back. Think carefully and save your goodwill only.

Don’t be too Straight And Honest

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Means honesty is the best policy, you must have heard this saying many times in your life, but if we have to live in this world today and walk with the speed of the world, for this we must have honesty as well as cleverness. It is very important, because Chanakya says that a person should not be too straight and honest, because straight trees are cut first in the forest, it means that in today’s world, being straight and honest can be successful. It is more difficult because in the world straight people are often taken wrong advantage of and in the same way the businessman should not be gullible and tell about his business because in today’s world it is very difficult to find out which person wants his own good and which person. I am trying to cut your roots

Stay Away From Negative People

Chanakya says that this Grani Purspi becomes unhappy when he listens to the instructions of a foolish person, nurtures a wicked wife or makes deep relations with any rude person. In fact, there are many such people in the world. People are NEGATIVE i.e. talk negative and such people wherever they go spread NEGATIVE energy, the person who comes in contact becomes completely demotivated and Chanakya Niti also keeps us away from people who talk NEGATIVE like this. It is advised to stay because such people demotivate with their words and prevent them from moving forward and the same thing is applicable in business also.

The Greatest Power Is Youth And A Beautiful Woman

Acharya Chanakya has said that the biggest power of the world is youth and beautiful women, and this education given by him is followed in every business of the world, now friends, you must have noticed this more. And the receptionist of the office is a beautiful looking young girl, the beauty of the planes are also beautiful girls, in fact, this is done so that more and more customers can be brought to their side.


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