Dacre Montgomery & Barbie Ferreira Cast in ‘Faces of Death’ Remake

Stars from some of the biggest streaming television shows in streaming history are coming together for a gruesome remake, as Barbie Ferreira and Dacre Montgomery have signed to be a part of a Faces of Death remake for Lionsgate. Isa Mazzei and Daniel Goldhaber will be in charge of writing the screenplay, as well as directing duties for the project. The pair previously worked on CAM, a film about a camgirl (Madeline Brewer) who is obsessed with climbing to the top of the ranking on the website she streams from, but soon learns the dangers of her line of work, as she has to deal with a couple of stalkers and an impostor who tries to steal her identity.


Ferreira’s most recognizable role is also related to the camgirl experience, as the actress played Kat during the first two seasons of HBO hit television series, Euphoria. The character was insecure during her daily life at East Highland High School, until she found an activity that made her feel validated and outgoing. When she began to stream online as a camgirl, Kat felt happy with what she was doing, comfortable behind the anonymity of the masks she wore, and the attention people online gave her. While creative differences over her arc in the second season prevented her from returning during the upcoming third installment, Ferreira’s performance during the show’s debut was well-received by critics and fans.

On the other hand, Montgomery can attribute his fame to his role as Billy Hargrove in Netflix’s behemoth of a series, Stranger Things. As Max’s (Sadie Sink) older brother, Billy was an aggressive teenager, with explosive outbursts of anger. When he wasn’t tormenting her younger sister and her friends, Billy spent his time as a lifeguard at the public pool, a position he enjoyed given how it allowed him to flirt with Hawkins’ suburban moms. He would eventually learn that the treatment he gave Max wasn’t fair, but it was too little, too late, as the boy was killed by the Mind Flayer during the events of the third season.

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What Is the Original Faces of Death About?

Set in a documentary-style format, the movie told the story of a pathologist Dr. Francis B. Gröss (Michael Carr) who becomes obsessed with the transitional moment between life and death. As if he was some sort of twisted Batman villain, Gröss continues to narrate disturbing images of corpses and animals that are no longer alive, stating that humans are the only species that kill for greed. While this might not be one of the most creative uses of the concept of death in Hollywood, it certainly was an interesting character study. It remains to be seen what Barbie Ferreira and Dacre Montgomery will do with the story, as they have both proven to be versatile actors.

You can check out the trailer for Cam, Mazzei and Goldhaber’s last film, below:

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