Sundar Pichai Most Successful CEO’s DAILY ROUTINE | Google SEO | Morning Schedule 

Sundar Pichai Most Successful CEO’s DAILY ROUTINE | Google SEO | Morning Schedule 

Friends, all of you will know that Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google, one of the world’s largest tech company, where at this time he is also included in the most successful CEO of the CEO, the way he is a small Indian company. After leaving the city, today he has reached such a big stage, it is really a worthy praise and this is the reason that today millions of people consider him as their impression and follow his photo step and friends, it is said that for any human being to be successful There is a big hand behind his daily routine, that’s why today in this blog, we are going to tell you about the amazing daily routine of Sundar Pichai, after knowing which you will definitely be impressed.

Friends, Sundar Pichai lives with his family inside an Alison Villa built in ten thousand square feet in the Los Altos Hills of California, in this Alison house everyday his day starts at 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning because this Time he wakes up from his bed after getting up early in the morning, however, he does not consider himself a morning person, and he has said this in his interviews as well. Sundar starts his day slowly after waking up from sleep They like to do this because they believe that the more peaceful the morning, the better their rest of the day will be, then after getting out of bed, they read newspapers and you will be surprised to know that even in this digital age, they are not daily. They like to read only news paper and then during reading news paper or sometimes after reading it, whenever they feel right, they do their break fast.

Now friends, Sundar is one of those vegetarian people in the world who does not consider eating eggs as non veg, that is why he likes to have omelette tosh and tea every morning for breakfast. He has to take care and for protein only he eats omelet every morning and then after having breakfast he starts getting ready for office now because he is very simple person that’s why his dressing is always simple. He always goes to office wearing simple looking clothes and by looking at them we can say that this dressing stylish shoots him a lot. He likes to walk more, that’s why he likes to walk wherever it is possible, in fact he says that he can focus on his work in a better way than doing walk, and whenever he has to take an important decision, he either goes to the office I only start to branch

Or he goes out on a small walk and thinking while doing walk, he finds out a better solution to the problem in less time, this is the reason why he spends more time in the office instead of sitting on the chair, standing or walking. It also happens that he completes most of the meeting while standing. Friends, Sundar is a simple person who always behaves well with his team members in the office and this is the reason that all the people in the office like him very much. Sundar listens very carefully and peacefully to all the people during the meetings and when all the people have put their views, then he goes to the last and shares his idea, he always tries to think of such an idea. So that all the problems can be solved together, in fact, it is my belief that the decisions made in the long term focus play an important role in the growth and success of the company, that is why all the decisions made by them keeping the company in mind are taken

By the way, in the blog, I will tell you how in Google 2004, working like a common man, Sundar advised the CEO of that time, because of not following the advice, Google had to suffer a lot overnight, friends, Sundar Google Joined in the year 2004 and at that time his job was to handle the project management, he used to think and take decisions keeping in mind the long term from the beginning, even Sundar advised Google to make its web browser long back. Didi, but at that time no special attention was paid to his point, the result was that before Google, Microsoft launched its browser in the market and because of that browser, 3M visitors to the Google website came in just one night. More than users would have been less and then after all this, the Google CEO of that time understood that Sundar’s advice was absolutely right, then he asked Sundar to make a browser as soon as possible, since then Sundar has done his Together with Tom, Google’s first web browser or Chrome browser was launched in the market and all of you must know that Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world and because of his long term thinking, he was made the CEO of Google in the year 2015.

Friends, we have told you this so that you know that Sundar works in this way.


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